IDLO is proud to offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package that reflects the organization’s values and culture.

The benefits listed below are available to all core staff positions. Project consultancies are not eligible for these benefits and allowances.

Terms of Employment
IDLO typically offers contracts starting at one year for locally recruited General Service Staff and Professional Staff. Professional staff who are recruited internationally are generally offered up to three year contracts. The contract is renewable, but always subject to satisfactory performance and continuing funding.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
Health insurance coverage, including medical and dental, through Vanbreda International is provided to the staff member and eligible dependents. IDLO currently pays 60% of the medical insurance premium for both staff members and their dependents. Temporary Incapacity, Permanent and Total Invalidity, Death by Any Cause and Long Term Care insurance will be provided to the staff member excluding dependent at IDLO's cost.

Retirement Savings (Provident Fund)
IDLO currently administers a retirement savings plan and contributes 14% of the staff member’s base salary to our own Provident Fund. The staff member also contributes 7% of the base salary for a total savings of 21% of the base salary per year.

Annual Leave
IDLO proudly supports and encourages appropriate work-life balance as well as the health and well being for all staff members. Below are the primary provisions of annual leave, although other types of special leave are available for certain circumstances, including extended illness and study leave.
  • 30 days of annual vacation leave
  • 24 of annual sick leave days
  • 4 months maternity leave at 100% pay and 2 additional months maternity leave at 30% pay
  • 11 days of official bank holidays

Professional Development Program
IDLO offers a comprehensive professional development program for staff members who wish to continue to grow and advance in their careers. Opportunities for professional development include continuing education and training, professional conferences and seminars, professional association memberships, and language training.

Internationally Recruited Professional Staff

IDLO offers the following additional benefits and allowances for professional staff who are internationally recruited. Please note that these benefits and allowances are not available to those candidates who are of the same nationality or resident in the same country as the duty station where the position is based.

Housing and Education Allowance
A monthly housing allowance (given for a maximum of 7 years) is provided to assist with the cost of local accommodation. The amount of the allowance varies according to the position’s grade on the salary scale and the number of dependent family members. IDLO also offers an education allowance covering 75% of the authorized costs at the relevant duty station to children of the staff member. The allowance does not cover education costs beyond the level of secondary school.

Home Leave Travel
IDLO will pay for the cost of air travel in economy fare for the staff member and all eligible dependents to the home country once every two years.

Appointment Travel and Relocation Costs
When the staff member is appointed, IDLO will cover the costs of air travel to the duty station for staff members and eligible dependants. IDLO also offers a competitive relocation package to assist staff members in their transition to the duty station.