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Young Leaders Forum Debates the Line between Discipline and Violence in the Family


Young Leaders Forum Debates the Line between Discipline and Violence in the Family

KABUL, 23 MAY 2010 - Four members of the Young Leaders Forum will take the floor of the Afghan Parliament on May 26 for a debate with Members of Parliament on issues concerning the protection of the family and violence between family members.

This debate is part of the program implemented by the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), which supports the Attorney General Office’s specialized unit on Violence Against Women, and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), which coordinates the Young Leaders Forum (YLF), helping to empower young people to take leading roles in society and encouraging civil engagement.

During the debate, the invited parliamentarians who work with FES on various governance programs, will ask questions to the young leaders and share their experiences on upholding community customs and addressing domestic violence in Afghanistan. The discussion will take place in front of an audience composed of members of the Young Leaders Forum, young journalist forums, invited members of parliament, NGOs, and media.

The panelists will argue on a specific motion about “husbands having the right to discipline their wives.” The debate will follow the format of a popular TV show from the Gulf called “Doha debates” (http://www.dohadebates.com). The session will end with the audience voting for the argument they found more persuasive.

While not experts on law or Shari’a, the young panelists hope to pilot a new way of communicating on important social policy issues in Afghanistan.

This debate is the result of the IDLO workshop for YLF members on debate skills and on the Afghan Constitution, Afghan law, and Shari’a. The workshop also covered topics related to violence against women, including family violence, sexual assault, giving baad, “running away” cases, and self immolation.

About IDLO
Since 2002, IDLO’s project office in Afghanistan has supported the Afghanistan National Justice Sector Strategy in partnership with national justice institutions. IDLO is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to promoting the rule of law and good governance. IDLO has worked with more than 20,000 legal professionals in 175 countries. IDLO’s has 22 member states. Afghanistan is among the 10 states currently in the process of becoming new member states.

About FES
FES is the largest and oldest political foundation in Germany with more than 90 offices worldwide and is dedicated to the promotion of international dialogue and social justice. In Afghanistan, FES is mainly involved in capacity building for civil society organizations and youth. It also works with parliament, government ministries, political parties, and the media.