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Emma Bonino: Opening a Pandora's Box of Women's Rights

Rooting the Rule of Law in Mongolian Soil

There was not much Roman sun, IDLO Director-General Irene Khan observed, to welcome a senior Mongolian delegation earlier this week. But it was still an improvement on the harsh winter of Ulaanbaatar – and indeed, some visitors could be seen enjoying the weather’s relative clemency during a coffee break. It was as much free time as they got on a whirlwind legal tour that began at IDLO’s headquarters, took in Italy’s highest court, the Corte di Cassazione, and ended with the Italian judiciary’s governing body, the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura.

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IDLO's Kyrgyzstan Project: New Systems, New Mindsets

In a bare-bones, underheated court house in snow-bound Issy-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, a woman tells IDLO a story. This story is her own. She tells how, just out of girlhood, she was studying law, away from her village. Once, while on a visit back home, the young woman saw a car pull up. Men jumped out and grabbed her: she was, she knew, being bride-kidnapped. She resisted, holding on to a tree for dear life. But even as she clung to the tree, the woman’s mother came out of the house and prised off her fingers: she was giving her own daughter away to the kidnappers. And so they took her. The story has a happy ending of sorts: the woman escaped forced marriage by appealing to her abductors’ notions of honor. She told them she was pregnant; they let her go. Her lie bought her freedom — or as close to freedom as one could get in Soviet terms. She did complete her law degree.

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Haïti: 3 ans après le séisme beaucoup reste encore à faire

L’OIDD Vise un Role Plus Etendu Dans un Haïti Convalescent

Si la présence de l'OIDD en Haïti, dans les deux années écoulées, lui a permis de mesurer l'ampleur des besoins, le troisième anniversaire du désastre qui a frappé le pays ne fait que renforcer la volonté des “gens de Rome” de participer plus pleinement à la reconstruction du pays.

Plus de trois cent mille sinistrés restent, en effet, soumis à la précarité des camps d'accueil. Près d'un million d’Haïtiens ont certes été relogés. Cependant, la viabilité à long terme de ces logements est loin d’être acquise.

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Of Law and Chickens

This piece originally appeared as a World Economic Forum blog: http://forumblog.org/2012/12/of-law-and-chickens/
by Irene Khan, Director-General, IDLO

I’m not an economist but the principle of supply and demand strikes me as a wonderful principle to apply to justice and the rule of law, and a good yardstick to assess their provision. In much of the developing world, the supply of justice is either well short of demand, or, like the old command economies rule-of law products are thrown at the market regardless of consumers’ needs.

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Using legal tools for an effective response to HIV/AIDS

1 December 2012 – World AIDS Day, is a day both to remember and honor those whose lives have been affected by HIV and AIDS. It is also a day to acknowledge the progress that has been made in reducing the spread and impact of the disease. The UNAIDS 2012 World AIDS Day report contains much to be encouraged about – new infection rates have fallen by 50 percent or more in 25 different countries, including 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Afghanistan joins IDLO

ROME , 20 November 2012 – The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan became the 28th Member Party to the International Development Law Organization (IDLO).

Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Italy Zia Uddin Nezam said: “The formal accession to IDLO is the natural consequence of the strong relationship between Afghanistan and IDLO, as for many years IDLO is playing an important role in the development of the rule of law in Afghanistan.”

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Mise en place d'un environnement juridique favorable à la prévention et au contrôle des maladies non transmissibles (MNT) - Table ronde, Siège des Nations Unies à New York, 19 - 20 septembre, 2011

Table Ronde MNT - Vidéos (en anglais)..