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L'OIDD débute une nouvelle formation juridique de base dans la province de Kundoz en Afghanistan (en anglais)

On January 4 2009, IDLO opened a new course in the Appeal court’s Judicial training Center in Kundoz City, in the North of Afghanistan.

The city is the only way connecting the Takhar and Badakhshan provinces and it used to be a stronghold of the Taliban during their regime. IDLO has already conducted two training courses in Mazar, this program is therefore meant to fully cover the northern part of the country.

The program aims at enhancing the state case and rights (Hokok) staff’s knowledge and at increasing the quality of their performances. Five sessions are scheduled in the 21 days training course, from Human Rights to Real property, Commercial Law, Civil and Commercial procedures, Property Dealer and State Case Law.

The course is addressed to 30 participants from the Kundoz, Takhar, Badakhshan and Baghlan provinces. All trainers of this course are Afghans and two of them are former participants to IDLO programs in 2007.